Saturday, January 19, 2008

Hot fluffy Idlis

Idli is my most favorite tiffin item and i could have it at time of the day and with any chutney or gravy. Idli used to be my everyday breakfast during my school days and my mom would make amazing chutneys and sambar to go with it. They are easy to make & quick too. My favorite side item with idli is the most famous SAMBAR. Idli Sambar is the best breakfast i could ask for

Idli Sambar

Idli with Chutney and Sambar

Idli with chicken kolambu

Idli rice: 4 cups
Urad dhal: 1 cup
Fenugreek: 1/4 tbsp
Salt: 1/2 tbsp
Baking soda: 1 pinch (optional)
Cooked white rice or aval: 1 cup (optional). If you are using aval, soak it before grinding.

--Soak rice (add fenugreek to it) and urad dhal together or separately for 12 hours
--Grind them along with cooked rice or aval. I usually grind cooked rice or aval first and then add both soaked raw rice and urad dhal.
 Adding cooked rice or aval makes the idlis very soft.
--Mix them well, add salt and baking soda
--Let this batter ferment for 12 hours

--Add water to your idli pan, one inch of water should suffice
--Keep it on the stove.
--Grease the idli plates with oil and fill each of them with 3/4th full of batter.
--Arrange the idli plates in the stand and place it in the idli pan after the water starts boiling
--Close the pan and keep it on a medium flame for 10 minutes
--After 10 minutes, switch off the gas and open the lid. Timing depends on the idli pan you are using, you'll have to experiment with it before getting it right.
--Let out the steam and remove the idlis.

1) DONOT over steam the idlis
2) DONOT leave the idlis in the pan after switching off the gas.Open the lid immediately.
3) After you remove the idlis from the pan, leave it for 2-3 minutes and remove them one by one.
4) Rinse your idli spoon in cold water before removing each idli, idli will come out complelety without sticking to the pan

My idli pan with spoon

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