Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Rava Kichadi

Serving: 2

Coarse Rava (Sooji/Suji/Semolina): 1.5 cups (stores also sell fine rava, dont buy that)
onion: 1 medium chopped fine
Tomato: 1 medium chopped fine
green chillies: 2-4 depending on your taste.Chop them lengthwise
cilantro or coriander leaves for garnishing
Turmeric: 1 heavy pinch
Ginger: 1 inch chopped fine
Garlic: 1/3 tbsp (optional)
(you could also use 1 tsp ginger garlic paste)
garam masala: 1/4 tbsp (optional)
oil: 2-3 tbsp
salt as required

curry leaves:4-5
mustard seeds: 1/4 tbsp
cumin seeds: 1/4 tbsp
channa dhal:1/2 tbsp

Vegetables (optional)
1 cup chopped vegetables of your choice. I use carrots, beans and peas
Recipe for this kichadi is same as semiya kichadi, only the water measurements will vary

--Boil the vegetables with 1-1.5 cups of water if you are going to add them to upma and keep them aside
--Place a pan on the stove and add rava. Keep a low flame and fry it until rava turns very light brown
--Switch off the gas and keep the rava aside
--Keep the pan again and add oil. This time, medium flame
--Add mustard,channa dhal,cumin,curry leaves
--After mustard splutters, add onions , ginger, garlic,garam masala and turmeric.Fry until onions become transparent (dont over fry onions, onions should not turn brown)
--Add tomatoes & chillies and fry for another 10 minutes
--Add the vegetables with the soup.Add 3 cups of water if veggies are not used.If you are using vegetables then the soup plus the water should be 3 cups.

--Add salt
--After the water starts boiling,simmer the stove.
--Add rava gradually using your left hand and continue stirring using your right hand.
--Add cilantro leaves, mix everything,simmer the stove
--Stir it & switch off the gas after rava gets cooked, usually about 5-7 minutes

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